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You'll want to put more, and I mean A LOT more information into this thread

The good news, However, is that there are no tabs.
Actually not that bad, it could use some changes like merging some sections:

I would remove:
  • Xbox 360 Modding Discussion
  • Xbox 360 Tutorials
  • Market*
  • Selling
  • Trading
  • Misc Market
  • Graphic Requests
  • Youtube Section
* = category
Also remove all the subforums :/

What i would try to make it look like would be something like:
  • General Discussion
    • Announcements
    • Homepage News
    • Game Reviews
    • Introduce Yourself
  • Gaming
    • General discussion
    • PC - Gaming
    • Xbox - Gaming
    • Playstation - Gaming
    • Nintendo - Gaming

  • Popular Games
    • Call of Duty.
      • Call Of Duty Boosting & Modding
    • Battlefield
    • Gears Of War
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Halo
    • Minecraft
  • Off topic
    • Graphics
    • Tutorials
    • Programs
    • Media (music/television/movies)
  • Site Support
    • Suggestions & Feedback
    • Ask The Staff

Meaning remove all the sub forums to if you ask me (except the modding thingie i guess). I would personally cut it down even further but thats just me.

It would reduce the amount of forums from 51 to 22.

For the rest it is maybe a bit of an overused theme but i do somehow like it, it works well and somehow fits with the thing you are aiming for (could also be simply because i like red that much Toungue)

One last thing though why do you offer VIP upgrade? if you ask me the forum is currently far to small for something like that. And even if it would be big personally i find forums without something special attached to it dont offer enough generally speaking to justify paying for them.

Ah well just my two cents.
It seems like your website is down right now due to cloudflare.

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