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[For 1.6] MyAlerts
(2015-01-03, 04:32 PM)Euan T Wrote:
(2015-01-03, 01:03 AM)geazy Wrote:
(2015-01-02, 11:43 PM)ashkir Wrote: Core should be here Smile

Worked good now! I have My Alerts installed. Will let u know of any bugs

One thing I've noticed that was also in the 1.6.x series is if you read the reply/quote on your thread, but never clicked the Alerts, it sticks until you open it up. I think if a member reads the post/quote, it should automatically be marked as read if that makes sense

Yes, this has been mentioned a few times and is something I intend to investigate, but it likely won't get into 2.0.0 (it'll likely be in 2.0.1).
I have accomplished this independently on a custom copy of MyAlerts I have built some months ago. I am currently away studying but once I get back home (likely the 7th of January) I will push a PR.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
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Good news for us @Euan T. Thanks @Shade .
I have a request/suggestion. Can we have a hook/template to show unread alerts without the use of javascript? So we can place them in custom css dropdowns or sidebars?
The number of unread alerts can be access via $mybb->user, I'll see what I can think of for the actual list of alerts.
Thanks Euan! I have the menu working with a link to it now with the # of unread. Smile. Have a test popdown box too. Sadly myalerts.js conflicts with the theme's dropdown boxes, which is the only reason I'm asking why. I reported it to the theme author too.
Which mention plugin for 1.8 will work for the updates alerts?
(2015-01-02, 09:20 PM)geazy Wrote:
(2015-01-02, 05:27 PM)Euan T Wrote: GitHub would be preferred, but feel free to PM me them too Smile

Is it possible I can try out the plugin as well? I have a somewhat small forum, however, have a few active members who post daily. Would be great to test it out

(2015-01-06, 09:15 PM)user25 Wrote: Which mention plugin for 1.8 will work for the updates alerts?
The Latest Hithub will work. Just download the zip file and the core file. Smile.

It isn't finished yet, so be warned! 
got the following error when making new reply (github version)
[Image: sWsD0i0.png]
Looks like the alert types cache is outdated. This is caused by the new subscribed thread alert. I will have to add some code to synchronise alert types on activate/deactivate and a rebuild function for the alert types cache in the ACP.

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