Anti-DDoS Protection Tutorial (How to use Cloudflare correctly)
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(2013-12-12, 07:26 PM)damoncloudflare Wrote: Just chiming in that we also have tips for dealing with a DDoS.

Since this came up...

We do offer limited protection from DDoS protection on a free or Pro plan via I'm Under Attack mode. We only provide guaranteed protection at the Business or Enterprise tier of service.

And if you're at Business and you get a 100m requests from a botnet they beg you to go up to Enterprise, yay Dodgy

I have to have 3 servers for blocking and off loading behind Cloudflare just to have my backend be safe from overloading or cloudflare dropping and spoiling my IP's all over the place.
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Thanks for this tutorial, helped me out a lot and will give my forums some protection from ddos :]

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