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(2012-11-03, 11:26 PM)BR549 Wrote:
(2012-10-29, 07:45 PM)spork985 Wrote: Don't run away lol. I'd at least like clarification on the domains thinger, I don't understand that one Undecided

No problem - I've run back to reply. Smile

I offer this without further discussion / elaboration. I encourage you to research these points on your own to determine their value and applicability to your site, if interested, which is easy to do.
- Owning the .com .net and .org is a separate matter from determining whether to use one, two or all three.
- Using only one of these nearly always is preferred for various reasons.
- Using the .com is nearly always preferred for various reasons.
- There are exceptions, but I can't imagine any that should be valued or apply to your site.

Your main site is on the .com. Your forum is on the .net. That contradicts what I just posted above. This no-no deserves my 5/10 rating at best (for whatever that's worth).

To improve:
Continue hosting your site with the .com. Instead of the .net, use a sub-domain for your forum that looks like this - (corrected). Alternatively, use a sub-directory for your forum that looks like this - You should know how to do this since you're hosting forums. Otherwise it's easy enough to find out how.

1) I don't want it in a subdirectory, I want it the way I have it set up.
2) There is a reason I'm subdomaining under .net instead of .com

Thank you for your comments though. They are always appreciated.
RedHat Certified Systems Administrator

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