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A very brandable domain name to provide any type of mybb specific services, plugins, themes or even hosting.

Domain is on and expires 11-04-2013

Pm me your best offers or post them here. Also open to trade offers.
Not much going on there, didn't you ever use it for anything?
RedHat Certified Systems Administrator
Well there is nothing in terms of seo or link building. I was going for a mybb powered hosting project with this domain. But then i got busy into some some other projects.

But it is still a very nice domain for a mybb powered site. You can build anything with it either a mybb plugin, theme, or hosting site.

Or just be creative and get something even more better out of it.
How much are you asking for it? At least an approximate on how much you wish to get for it would be nice.
Andraž Rihtar
Blogger, irateANIME

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