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Need a good coder for fixing and implementing some features in my board - Will Pay
I run a community named Indian Student Forum. And I I need some good coder to fix some small css issues in that board also implementing cKeditor properly in my board also also some speedup my forum.
1. css issue is preety easy I think,
2. Also I need to implement the ckeditor properly in my board. I installed the cKeditor plugin in my board, which was work with few problems, but from today I saw that it is not loading properly in my board. Specially in firefox, after few minute it stop loading in chrome too, so I uninstalled it and turned on the default editor of mybb.
Also the default mod of ckeditor has many issues, like in PM if you use quote, when you sent the pm, it will show pid=undefined timestamp=undefined. It also has some default bbcodes which do not available in mybb. Like [amquote]. It also has many problems like this.
Moreover it dose not have the full functionality of ckeditor. The default ckeditor has many more functionality like superscript, subscript, table, etc.
I want every one of them working properly with mybb.
Also please do not suggest me to use SCEditor WYSIWYG editor because it has some colfilict with my jQuery scroll to top code in the closed thread which is redirect to a single post only.

Please PM me how much will you change to do this work. Only experienced person apply. Please. I do not want any trouble to my board, also if you are good, you may get more work.
1 more thing lastly. Though I stay in India, I can only pay you by Alertpay/Payza. So please please apply if you have an Alertpay account.

Thank you
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This is abhishek . I am into Web content management systems from last 7 years and have extensive experience on Fckeditor and CkEditor .
Let me know if we can talk further on the fix that you require in CkEditor.


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