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Not Solved Custom icons for Members
Not Solved
I'm getting a bit lost with what you're doing honestly, but I took at look at your site and noticed a broken image with this URL


Kinda triggers an alert for me, maybe you can track that back better then me and see what it should be pointing at.
Not Solved
Hey Royel!

Yea, basically with these types of sites.. once the board gets popular it brings over fans from other schools to talk smack, etc... this is why the team icon thing was so important to have for me...

All usrs that were registered to the site before I added this script received a blank dead image.... but anybody who signs up new the image should work correctly.

I am hoping by this time next year, for LSU week.. a lot of LSU fans will discover my forum and come over and talk smack, etc then they can click the LSU icon.

I really appreciate everybody's help with this project!! Thank you!

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