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Not Solved Custom icons for Members
Not Solved

I have seen this script on other forum software but I am looking for a plugin that will allow users to select an icon for their name

Similar to this

[Image: 2ajs314.jpg]

This is not their Avatar but an extra set of small icons that they can select from a group to add by their name.

If anyone knows of a script like this.. please let me know...

thanks in advance!

I have over 100 icons to add for this..... Every board software has this feature except for mybb? I find that odd because mybb usually has everything that other board software does not have...
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Not Solved
If you mean that every member can choose the icon he needs, then you need a plugin to do this, default mybb doesn't have this feature.
But if you need to add icons for each specific group then you can do it via admin panel, just add an html image code in the specified group.
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Thank you for responding.

what I would like to do is create a User Group for each team and when people sign up for the site they can select which user group (Team) that they would like to be a part of.

Is this something that can be done with mybb?

I have searched relentlessly for a plugin for this, but cannot find anything for this.

Any help would be much appreciated if someone can lead me in the right direction.

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(2012-10-29, 05:40 PM)JunkeeSports Wrote: what I would like to do is create a User Group for each team and when people sign up for the site they can select which user group (Team) that they would like to be a part of.

This is exactly what you can do.

Hopefully you're only interested in SEC (yes I'm a prejudice fan) otherwise you're going to be creating alot of groups.

You can specify a image for each group to use, I have setup a few groups for my boards in this manner.
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Rank plugin?
<snip - warez>
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(2012-10-29, 05:50 PM)tamnguyen949 Wrote: Rank plugin?

The problem with that for him is he wants to enable several different images for his uses to have at the same level of posting. That seems to be a bit different than what he's trying to do.

Basically he wants users to choose or have selected a team they like to represent, IE; Alabama or Auburn and the correct image show's next to their name, regardless of post count.

There might be a plugin that allows this, but it definitely can be achieved by creating a ton of user groups as well.
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Man, that ranks plugin is insane! Thank you for posting that!

I plan to start off with SEC then as/if (BIG IF) the site grows then I will add pro teams and so on.

I have played around with creating a group, but I simply cannot seem to give the option to a user when they sign up to the site to join the group... Is there a setting to allow for this on the registration page?

Thank again for all your help!
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I would have to do some research on that, not sure of an easy way to do that. I only know it's accessible in the user's cp to choose a group, you can allow them to join or leave groups freely without moderation.

IMO, having that many usergroups seems like a huge freaking headache that I would not want. I personally would just allow them to use custom avatars and possibly titles.
Not Solved
Thanks Royel

Hereis an example of what i am tryingto do with the icons next to names

It just ads a cool element while viewing threads so that you know which team a person likes that's posting and it allows the users to have another type of avatar that doesn't really have to be team specific.

I know I 'm asking for a lot here lol - I am just very surprised that mybb does not have a plugin for something like this because I have seen this on all other major forum softwares.

thanks again!

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