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Not Solved Sub Forum Problem NEED HELP ASAP
Not Solved
Hello i am creating my forum.When i make subforum /forum in forum/ it make problems..I think he changed Theard and Forum fields..
Can somebody help me with it. ?

Link: http://www.chill-forums.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=22

I can pay if somebody help me.
Also you can help me on skype: drvenapila

I really need help, please help me Confused
Not Solved
U have messed up the templates IMO...try reverting forumbit_depth2_cat template back to Original from ur Admin control panel go to Templates & Style ==> Templates ==> Your Current Template ==> Forum Bit ==> forumbit_depth2_cat u would see in the right hand side u would see a box called as options click there and then click Revert to Original ..
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