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Not Solved help????
Not Solved
how can i remove the phpcode button in the editor and replace it with code so it
uses [code ] [/code ] tags instead
Not Solved
There is no need to "replace" that button since its already available on editors. You just have to remove the [php] button from ./jscripts/editor.js
Not Solved
can u tell me instructions to add [code ] tags to the editor?
Not Solved
Code Tag is there, as Yaldaram said:
[Image: d24d4b91130b6a6a5fa2812ea53eddf9.png]

Available representing code in editor.js is:
{type: 'button', name: 'code', sprite: 'code', insert: 'code', title: this.options.lang.title_code},

This is the code line for a new button against existing BBCode:
{type: 'button', name: 'BBCodeName', insert: 'BBCodeName', image: 'imgforbtn.png', title: 'BBCodeName'}

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