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Not Solved [How To?] Change Size Tags
Not Solved
Right now it says "xx small, small"

Basically I want to know how I can just change all that so it just shows the size and how large it is. Example:

[size= 3]This text is size 3.[/size]

I want it to say that instead of [size= large] sds[/size]
Not Solved
It already works this way too!!


[size=10]HERE IT WORKS[/size]
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Not Solved
when I go to make a post it automatically has the xxsmall and other sizes. I don't want it to show that at all. I want it to show the size in numbers.

Also, with the alignments. I changed the center to just center instead of the align bit. But when I click to center text it still give me [align=center].

well I downloaed the SCEditor so I don't really need this option anymore. But will still like a answer

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