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Pc Repair Support Forum
Name of Site: Pc Repair Support Forum
Site URL:
Site Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum
Category: Technology/Gaming
Description: Here at Pc Repair Support Forum, You will have access to free support about ANYTHING to do with computers. Whether you have a software issue, hardware issue, We will help you! If you want to learn how to overclock, or simply how to install hardware. Yes, we can still help...

From forums ranging from cpu's and graphics to gaming systems and off topic. But that's not all we do there is just so much that our members can do,

So don't just look and think there is nothing there for you because i am sure you will find parts of the forum very good..

Being registered with pc support forum also gives you access to other section of the forum, all you have to do is click on register fill out the simple form and that's you ready to enjoy and have full access over the forum You can list your own computer hardware you want to sell for free!! And if there is a product you can't see in the shop, request for it, and hope to see if anyone has one! Even if your new to computers or you could even be Experienced IT Person and if so then why not come on over and help other members that are in need of a bit of help.

We welcome anyone with open hands!
Board Statistics
Our members have made a total of 165 posts in 128 threads.
We currently have 9 members registered.

Come visit us See you there.
Your Name on the Board: Pc Repair
Too many forums
Thank god there's no tabs
PC Repair has a capital C

Good luck.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
Not to sure on what to say there but thanks Ben
Make PC Support a capital C and that'll be fine.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
Make PC Support a capital C and that'll be fine.

How do mean ??
(11-04-2012, 09:36 AM)pc repair Wrote: Name of Site: Pc Repair Support Forum

He meant that c , which is appeared in your site's title as well.
Ops my bad i did not know that is what he meant i have fixed that now.
We now have 9 members
172 Posts
129 Topics.

Come and join us soon.
This is a great place for those who are thinking of to repair their PC. PC support , laptop / desktop repairing is really a fantastic job.complete IT support is very necessary for the system.

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