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[For 1.6] STEAMJAMPS Theme
[Image: APAAB.png]

This is my first theme for MyBB, it call it a STEAM Jamps, inspired by the STEAM site.
The theme in the images is in my language which is Spanish, which is changed to English or the language that each person uses MyBB, buttons that are in Spanish, including the *.PSD to translate them to any language
Support for the theme is given in the following sites in this order of priority:

The theme is licensed CC BY-NC
Este es mi primer tema para MyBB, el mismo lo denomine STEAM JAMPS, inspirado en la web de STEAM.
El tema en las imágenes esta en mi idioma el cual es español, lo cual se cambia a ingles o el idioma que cada persona use MyBB, los botones que están en español, se incluyen los archivos *.PSD para poder traducir los mismos a cualquier idioma
El soporte para el theme se da en las siguientes webs en este orden de prioridad:

Preview images of the theme/Vista previa en imágenes del theme:

Demo Online of the theme:
Other Demo Online of STEAMJAMPS

El contenido de este post, fue traducido con Google.
The content of this post, was translated with Google.

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[Image: CCoBXgK.png]
Theme approved.
change the theme into english, gosh its not easy for me to understand this.
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]
(2013-01-27, 04:34 PM)Wazzyl Wrote: change the theme into english, gosh its not easy for me to understand this.

files. psd are included in the theme, the screenshots are in Spanish only, because taking on a speaking forum
[Image: CCoBXgK.png]
noo i ment the area in the template the words you need to change into english, cause its hard from spanish to translate in english!

To many area's to change.
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]

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