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Looking for Premade Theme
(2012-11-11, 03:00 AM)Madness Wrote: Anyone out there still have ideas?
Like FMB said, you can't go wrong with Audentio.
My website offers a skin you may like called Electrik-X:

It comes in 3 colours: Red, Blue and green.

Live demo:
[Image: 4A6rbCq.png]
And is this easily customizable?

(2012-11-14, 12:38 PM)7uyk Wrote: And is this easily customizable?

Well depends on your definition of easy, and what customizations you want to make...

It has good clean code so if you know what you're doing I don't see why there should be any problems. My support forum is always there for additional help as well.

But for my price of $15 you can't really go wrong :p
[Image: 4A6rbCq.png]

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