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[For 1.6] Curse - Thirst of Revenge (b.01)
Curse - thirst of revenge

[Image: Aa0Qa.png]

[Image: n3o3b.png]

[Image: QPMWp.png]

This is my first theme and I really want you people to use it, comment, suggest, report problems to help me make a final release. There are some buttons and icons which are still default; I'll rectify with an update as much I can detect.

Download link:

Live Demo:
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
nice theme bro! Do you have a white version of this?

or any color than black. Its so good
A white base will just oppose the title I guess ...
Though I can see many defects (no PNG images, some default buttons being used, no proper aligned elements) it is pretty cool, keep it going!
It is incomplete to that aspects what you have pointed out Sir. Thats why I've mentioned beta (b).
I've already listed down all those defects identified and will update with a final version soon.

Thanx for looking at it Big Grin
(2012-11-09, 06:27 PM)effone Wrote: Thats why I've mentioned beta (b).

Completely missed that, sorry!
Is that absolutely massive skull on every page? Could use a bit more customization and changes but it's honestly not that bad compared to most users first themes. Only other complaint I can have is it looks very image heavy and could potentially slow down the site a lot. I hope you're compressing those images. Use ImageOptim (
certainly lives up to its name
(2012-11-09, 07:57 PM)WebOutfit Wrote: ... it looks very image heavy and could potentially slow down the site a lot...

Image heavy? Sad
Even the thead backgrounds are also CSS3 gradiant, not image.
The skull and the logo is max size image used.

Ok. I'll convert the post bit buttons to CSS3 as well.
Thanx for the valuable opinion Smile
Looks great effone Big Grin

Keep up the good work, you have skills.
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