Not Solved How to change font color in navigation?
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Hi, I've been busy quit some time to figure out how to set up a board. I'm really glad it's now up and running, although there are some things that I would like to modify. Especially style-related.
For example, can somebody tell me how I can modify the font color of the navigation text? And how to modify the text above the header-welcome_guest?
You can view a screenshot of my website ( to see exactly what i mean.

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go to admincp
---> Themes - modify/delete

click on theme you want to change and scroll down to Navigation Breadcrumb

there you go !
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Modifiying the text above the header_welcomeblock_guest/member isn't hard.

Just go to admincp > Templates > *Your Template set* > header

the links are in that template Smile

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes

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