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(2016-08-27, 06:35 AM)Omar G. Wrote: "Complete Your Password Reset"

That's the phrasing I was after! Thanks Omar!
Responsive tournament/event page page with xThreads.

[Image: 2mC2KIP.jpg]

[Image: 9xFBEqi.png]
Revamped user profile and reputation page:

[Image: mybbpl-profile.png]

[Image: mybbpl-rep.png]
New perceptions keep us inspired.
That profile looks great!

Finally got around to installing MyAlerts so spent the weekend playing with styling. Still a work in progress.

[Image: UDfPU8D.png]
(2015-08-07, 04:45 PM)Johnny S Wrote: Just started with a responsive theme rewrite (v 1.5, skeleton only):

Index (desktop) -
Responsive (desktop) -
Forumdisplay (desktop) -
Forumdisplay  (responsive) -
Showthread / Postbit -(desktop) -
Showthread / Postbit (desktop) -

As noticed i'm still working on reverting to default theme (color vise). Bootstrap wasn't ideal for a responsive theme and i've ended up writing my own grid layout with common classes (and it works for now).

That font used in this theme looks great
Notifications pretty much baked now. Perpetually pleased with the ease of template customization in MyBB.

[Image: CC56nT5.png]
[Image: bUH9DIV.png]


[Image: I6DS9FY.gif]
removed because this design has been scrapped and was honestly quite poor
Both of your projects look pretty neat @brad-t and @NickGHQ! Great job!
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
[Image: jxnJHZd.png]

[Image: Fhs6lPV.png]

Profiles are my favorite part of the theme building process, so much stuff to work with. Bit of inspiration from Flarum.
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(2017-01-17, 10:54 PM)NickGHQ Wrote: snip

Looks great. I like the colors and how well they fit together.
I personally hate making profiles. Dodgy

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