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Anime fan site

I had this site for a while but with phpbb. It died and I am gonna try to revive it. The skin is custom made by me. I may do some more work on it but so far I like it.

Any opinions on the skin?

I am still going to rearrange the forums so no need to comment on the structure. I am mostly looking for template opinions.
very nice indeed..... can you show us how you did menu on the right ? I would appreciate very much Big Grin
That is pretty simple. He moved the code for the menu inside of the header div. Then by adding the float attribute to the menu div to float:right, the menu stays to the right of the logo without needing any sort of line break.
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Actually that wasn't very simple. For one...that's controlled by css .menu and when I changed it is still displayed as inline. After changing this in all themes it still brought this up. Not sure if this is an actual bug. So I edited header template and made a menu2 css. Then as SnakeEyses said..I floated it right. BUT you also have to place it BEFORE the logo otherwise it will display below on the next div area. I also plan to replace those images today and possible use bigger fonts or a mouseoever for that area.

Thanks for the comments..any others.
Is your Staff Area supposed to be viewable by guests?
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nice theme any plans to release it at all?
Aaron Wrote:nice theme any plans to release it at all?

Yeah I do plan on releasing it. Also..staff area wasn't to be viewable..thanks for point that out.

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