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Not Solved About Versions
Not Solved Wink 
I just upgraded to version 1.6.8 and noticed at the top of the files it only said 1.6.
Has me wondering now if I made a correct selection when doing the upgrade. When it ask for the current version I selected(I think) 1.0.
If I were to see a pic of the page used in the upgrader I would know for sure. Reason I'm curious is because when I upgraded it complained of a db column which had to be temporarily remove to all the the upgrade to proceed.

Seeing, however as everything so far seems to be in working order I assume the upgrade was successful

But, the question remains as to how to identify the version by looking in files because I didn't have the original download folder as it got lost somewhere among many things.

Also, are there any tutorials on managing the board--detailed and quick ref?

I would like to add a big thank you to all who make MYBB possible.
Not Solved
And the notification bar in the Admin CP tells you if your board is up to date why not check that before apdating the file?

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