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Not Solved Reputation System
Not Solved
Is there anyway to change how the current mybb reputation system works, I want it example, when some clicks rep button, it wont show the popup box it will automatically give +1, and under that post it will show the user who given reputation just like vbulletin like system?

and I tried the like/thanks and thanks plugin in mods but it doesnt suit my needs. one doesnt show and is bugged and the other it is because it showing 2 things.... thanks given and given 0 thank(s) in 0 post(s) in postbit, but I want just one, first to remove the thanks given and second to change the given what what to Reputation only, I Could be glad if the text could be changed in that plugin.
Not Solved
I'm using MyNetwork Post Rep to accomplish this on my site. Probably what you're looking for.
Not Solved
HI brad-t where is the link to that plugin/mod?

Finally I found the main .php that is responsible for those texts, I changed the "given 1 thanks by 1 posts" to "Reputation" now I am finding a way to colour the number '1' like the normal reputation and I will remove that "like" which was thanks given. if thats done then I will disable the normal reputation.

here is the php code

 * Thanks Plugin - english

$l['thx_main'] = "Thanks";
$l['thx_givenby'] = "Thanks given by:";
$l['thx_thanked_count'] = "Reputation: {1} ";
$l['thx_thank'] = "Like:";
$l['thx_remove'] = "Unlike";
$l['thx_comma'] = " , ";
$l['thx_dir'] = "ltr";


[Image: EoCg7.jpg]
Not Solved
Would have been pretty easy to Google it ...

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