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Spider-Man forum with custom skin
I just hooked this up tonight. It was running phpbb and I converted it as well as made a new skin. Skin so far is good imho but I would be happy to hear other opinions.

The skin, in my opinion, is nothing much... just a color/background/gradient change.

It's nice though, because the background graphics is an added twist.
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It's good, but it'll be better to try new buttons. IMHO, the FIND and QUOTE buttons aren't looking any good.
Tough crowd. I am not sure how to take it. I see better comments for skins that are truly terrible around here. That skin header alone took me almost an hour to perfect. That's a pretty custom graphic I made. Also all the buttons are changed on the site not just the color/gradient/background.

And some template changes were neccessary in order for that header graphic to be behind the welcome table. Notice that the graphic is the div background...yet the text is seperate graphic and still clickable.

I will still be making some minor changes like the top-links images and I will make them a true menu list instead of inline.

As for the buttons not looking any good...alright I can take that. They could be better. I tried many things and imho if you can't find something that works then make it simple. Which is what I did. I tried the buttons with backgrounds and such but they didn't come out well. I don't have any gradients running on the site either so I didn't want to gradient these either. Maybe I will try a red and black gradient today but imho the site is colorful enough.
The skin header and the rest, for the most part looks good. But I would agree with some of the others in saying this skin is incomplete.

The search, member list, new post, new reply, etc. buttons are all still the default. The only images you changed were the header, which does look good, although I believe it would look better with a static background with the forums scrolling over it as opposed to the web image as the category row background as it is now, and then making the forum row backgrounds transparent instead of black.

However, despite that I usually don't like to comment on forums that are half done. In my opinion, without a button set, the forum is just that, half done. I imagine that you could make some cool buttons for the spider-man theme and that would top it off and then I could easily say it would be one of the best I have seen.

And don't make it more colorful. I believe with the release of the third installation in the recent movies that your dark theme is best since Venom is going to be the focus of this movie. Maybe, if you wanted to go darker, you could make a play on that (ie: no new posts could be the black venom).
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Ugh...maybe you need to refresh the site.  All those buttons are changed.  They could be cached in your browser since they are the same names as other mybb sites.  Hmm..I wonder if I need to shut off cache headers.

Just to be clear...I did change the buttons BEFORE even posting here.  The only images that are default are the top-links and the smaller "new posts" icons.  If you are talking about those little images I may change them but I find it difficult to get really nice ones made that small. Although I am sure I can whip up something.

I have attached a screenshot of what I see. Let me know if that's what you see.

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Yep, that's what I see..and those new reply, new thread, etc buttons sure look like the default ones to me! Big Grin I agree with the others that original ones more suited to the Spiderman theme would look better and complete the look!

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Yes that is what I see. Those buttons are the default. Along with the ones on your homepage for the search and member list and what not. Why not make a play on the web image there on the buttons?

Also I don't see any buttons changed. The only changes I see graphics wise are the background and the images on the index for new post/no new post. Even the icons for hot threads and the rest in the forum view are still the default. When I say button I mean a button, ie: a clickable image linked to another page, not an icon, ie: the images for new post/no new post on the index page are icons since they represent something and do not serve any usable function.
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Buttons are not the default. That's a dark-blue almost purple that are built from the GDK.  The buttons are different size as well.  Only thing the same is that small image to signify "email, pm, find, quote" and such.

Are you guys running 256 color for your video cards?

You should see 2 distinct colors here.

Also I tried to do a "web" in the images but it looked too busy and made the text difficult to read. That's why I went with something simple.

Later today I will see if I can work on them and make you guys happy. I know they can be improved...just be aware they are not the default images.

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I see the difference in your image. But when you go from this page to yours you really don't notice that much of a difference because of the contrast with the darker colors. I have a Radeon 9800 and a Mobility 9800 and both see the color difference in your buttons. But it goes back to point. The buttons are still the original. Just changing the colors doesn't really do it for me. If you create a new button set to go along with your forum, then it becomes a complete theme. Or at least theme the buttons to look more like the rest of your theme like I said with the web and what not.

Give me till tomorrow night or wednesday and I will show you a quick example of how to change the default buttons to make them work for you.
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