Plugin to copy forum hierarchy(including child forum structure)
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How much will it cost if anybody is ready to do it?
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You should be aware that MyBB does not handle giant forum structures particularly well. It's just not optimized for it. Your forum cache will blow out of proportion esp. if you combine that with just as many groups and custom permissions. I posted a patch somewhere on this board some time ago which shrunk down the redundant information some, but...

Besides, hundreds and thousands of subforums - all of them empty, or containing nothing but machine generated content - it is one of the worst ways to start a forum. It will look dead to everyone and nobody will want to post. That's usually how it goes...

If you want it anyway, I'll do it for $10 through paypal (plugin or patch which adds a button to the admin cp forum view which creates a copy of the category or forum including all sub forums), but I'm not responsible for performance issues which may arise because of it...

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