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Using mybb 1.6.8 I tried to send a mass email to everyone on my forum which is approximately 1200 members but when it sent it only sent to 220 members. I don't see a button to send a mass email to everyone. Is this not possible in mybb 1.6.8? I even pressed control key as I selected all the categories but it did not send to all. What am I missing here. On my old php board I could send to all with one click, although I do have to admit that if this is the only glitch with mybb I'll certainly live with it because in comparison my old php forum totally sucked when positioned next to mybb. Hopefully someone here can help with the mass email to all because I use that feature quite a bit.
Not Solved
I think it sends the mail in stages to prevent sending 1200 emails at once.
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Yes it sends email by stages. And if youre on a shared hosting plan be sure to check out mass mailing terms of service of your host. You need to know how much emails they allow every hour to be sent to avoid account suspension.

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