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Not Solved [Error Message] Editing/Adding Additional Template to a Security Template
Not Solved
I just read a thread regarding flags tutorial and I wanna add it to the forum. So, when I try to add a template to the memberlist_user template, I get an error message. What should I do guys? Can you help me with it? Here is my screenshot for details.

Not Solved
{$user['profilelink']} is missing a closing curly brace. It seems you've put the curly brace after the closing </a> tag. Please remove the curly brace from after the </a> tag and place it after {$user['profilelink']
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Not Solved
Okay sir,gotta try it later. I'm in CP right now.

Update: It is not working guys, no display at all after I remove the "}" and it's no work. Sad

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