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Not Solved No ACP Access
Not Solved

I made the mistake of unchecking "Yes, users of this group can access the Admin CP" while editing the Administrator user group.

I am now locked out of my Forums ACP. How can I undo this?

Thank you


I've been searching the Forum for Users with similar issues.

I've attempted to do both:

UPDATE mybb_users SET usergroup = 4 WHERE uid = 1;


UPDATE mybb_usergroups SET cancp =1 WHERE gid =4


1 row affected for the 2nd query (cancp)

I still can't access ACP though.

GID 4 must be the Admin User Group?

Before I locked myself out, I also changed my Display Group to "Member" although my Primary Group was still "Administrator". I am no longer listed on the Forum's Admin team. Not sure if this is related.

I have also checked

/inc/config.php for:

$config['super_admins'] = '1';

My UID is 1.

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