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Not Solved Minimum search length...
Not Solved

I have set my minimum search word length set to 2 in search settings inside the admin panel.

But, it doesn't change the fact that the forum still requires 4 characters minimum.

There is a note with this minimum search word length setting that says: "If you use MySQL fulltext searching and set this lower than the MySQL setting - MySQL will override it."

Where is this setting and how can I change it?

Thank you.
Not Solved
It's a limitation of MySQL, you can only change it in the MySQL configuration (if it's your own server) however I assume there is a reason for this limit (performance?).
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Not Solved
Thanks Stefan.

I am using hosting here in the USA...and have MySQL installed there.

I will have to find out if I have the ability to make changes to the MySQL installation installed on my hosting account.

Assuming that I can, where would I go to change this setting?

Not Solved
You can't edit MySQL configuration on shared hosting.
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