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MyBB Managing Service
Hello, I am Anurag M. I have been using MyBB for almost 3 Years and Gained Enough experience about their features, Themes, Templates, Plugins etc.
I decided to provide some services for new MyBB forum users.

MyBB Profile Link:

I will be able to do, MyBB installations, Making Custom Themes of your choice, Install Plugins, Manage Plugins Periodically, Create Forums and manage them, Posting Around different Sections, Create Banners - Logos, Signatures, for promotional Purposes.

Previous Management Works:

See Portfolio:

Service Cost:

1) MyBB Installation with a theme provided by Owner and Plugins Specified, With all forums created in a Clean Manner - $25 USD
2) Permanent Activity for 1 Year in the Forum with at least 5 Posts per day - $200 USD
3) Custom Theme of your choice - Starting from $50 USD
4) Forum Management with Administration and Moderation - $20/month

If the whole package is ordered with everything, you will get everything for $250 USD (Negotiable) with a free .com or equivalent domain from or with free Unmetered Hosting for 1 year. [Best Deal]

Email: [email protected]
Gtalk: [email protected]
Skype: anuragtheguy

Note: No Comments & Suggestions about Services or the price, Please Reply only if you are interested
Still looking for some jobs... If anyone interested, Please contact me via PM or Email or IM..
I think I know someone who might need you.
This service is still available! If anyone interested in this, PM me here or email me: [email protected]
Can you edit plugins?
(2013-02-05, 08:53 AM)Geret Wrote: Can you edit plugins?
Depends on the complexity of the work, Feel free to PM me.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Do u work with adult forums?
(2013-02-05, 05:31 PM)King Of All Wrote: Do u work with adult forums?
Maybe I can work with any forum, that interests me, and the payment is fair enough.. PM me if you are interested.

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