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Theme - First in best dressed!
I am looking for two custom themes for two different websites. I am only wanting one at the moment, but if it great then I will follow on with the second theme with the same individual.

I am looking for someone who is cheapish and is quick with a theme (turn around of about a week). PayPal payments only. Will pay 50% up front and then 50% upon completion.

The first person to PM me or post within this thread with a reasonable price and understands what I have said above gets the job.

I know about Audentio, but believe they are a bit expensive and I want to support others out in the MyBB Community.

Sent you a PM. Big Grin
Drop me a PM. Smile
So many PMs! Thanks guys!

I have a line, so I'll keep you all in mind. Thanks for the messages Smile

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