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MyBB theming & styling services
I'm providing following services:
  • Custom themes *
  • HTML designs to forum theme (Depends on design license!) *
  • PSD to forum theme *
  • Other forum themes to MyBB theme (Depends on theme license!) *
  • Fixing validation errors **
  • Revamping various forum areas (portal, profile, registration page, userCP, modCP, header, footer, postbit, index and other areas) **
  • Custom text editor themes
  • Notification / message bars
  • CMS -> forum visual integration *
  • Implementing various theme features (alerts, global sidebar, color toggler, width changer, background changer, color changer, font changer) **
Price: depends on ordered service(s) and amount of work, drop me a pm for estimated price.
Payment methods: paypal
Communication with clients: via skype

* - If the price for ordered service is more then 50 USD i'll require 50% upfront payment (and another 50% after the work is done )
** - uprfont payment (in full value) required
If you are interested in my services drop me a pm.

Previous work

Text editor themes
[Image: pMW1yQa.png] [Image: 9U70Cv2.png] [Image: BQ4lNRA.png]

WP > mybb theme convert
[Image: 4OZqmmK.png]


[Image: iYELAY7.png] [Image: v8QArcV.png]

[Image: MaWidFg.png] [Image: GF3p9HU.png]

[Image: CYt3mYK.png] [Image: 4gegbRC.png]

[Image: TUCyXe7.png] [Image: Aet72kW.png]

[Image: WbXGoAS.png] [Image: Js4ndUU.png]


[Image: nI6oime.png]
Vouch for this guy. Has always been able to fix a problem I have had. I trust this guy with mybb over anyone I know.
Just wanted to say that Johnny S was an absolute pleasure to work with. He created the design I needed extremely quickly, and kept perfect communication and the prices were fair.

Highly recommended!
Better add on there. He developed all of that.
Vouch for Johnny S, created by OUYA theme to look exactly like the wordpress site and did it quickly too!
Recreated to work how I wanted it to - And made it use DIV's - Vouch for this guy, he knows what he's doing.
I might be interested in Psd to Html5 johnny ?
(2013-04-21, 05:56 AM)Chris Seman Wrote: I might be interested in Psd to Html5 johnny ?

PM'ed you.
Interested in your text editors. Sending you a PM now. Smile
Check your PM inbox.

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