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My Website/Forum
My site is
and my forum is

The theme of the forum was done by Lee Jeffery, and he is still working on graphics Rolleyes..
[Image: sig.png]
The forum is cool. Need to suit the main site though, eg: Darker Grey and a bit of blue. Also, your in breech of google's policy for ad-sense (no ads on non-content pages, AKA login, logout, error etc). Another ideas would be to turn the M for new, closed, and not new into the butterflies, they would look much better.

The main site. Very flash. I am redsigning my site. Perhaps you could share the code for the clock and the search box?? Its up to you but I would really appreciate it if you did because I need to fill some gaps. Smile

Edit: There a few problems when you increase text size. Check out the footer for e.g.
IMHO the google add right under the Logo takes the whole effect away - I'd find a different spot for the ad
I would like to say that the add's are on the whole site on every page as a menu. And EVERY page on my site has content. Login and logout pages have content.
[Image: sig.png]
content you or someone else has writen that has opionions or facts Toungue you did not write the login/out pages, and they do not contain opionions or facts. But its your choice. Just realise that if google catches you, and they are very sctrict, they might delete your account, and you will loose all $$$ you have gained via them.

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