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AndroidFreaks - The Samsung Galaxy forum from the Netherlands
Forum info up-to-date

So if everyone can see is the forum still growing Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
Samsung Galaxy? I hate that mobil, tablet and everything.
Forum info up-to-date

The forum is still a good going forum and now we are have more Android devices added.
[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
to bad that this community had to stop it was customade and awesome to see how the forum looks like, maybe they can make a comeback with a english version of the forums then im pretty sure people will register again and post the topics. Cause AndroidFreaks is right, you need to fill in the info on the internet and you will find it, but im pretty sure if you guys come back with a worldwide website, people will register on your site and put some awesome info about new devices and android software.
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