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Multiple PM Recipients
I was really disappointed to realize that MyBB couldn't handle sending PMs to more than one user at a time.

After being standard in many of the bulletin board softwares (both free and paid) I'm kind of taken aback.
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uhh ohh, mybb doesn't? I have been using mybb only at basic levels so I guess i didn't notice that, or else I would have already suggested this.

I am with you PHP_Paul, we need this feature Big Grin
I suggested this before, but not sure where the topic went...

Probably we can get their attention here now Big Grin
Honestly, I think this a bit embarrassing. It really is a standard feature nowadays.
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I found my topic:
This feature in currently under consideration for inclusion in a future release. - MyBB Lead Designer & team member since 2006
I don't think I can consider MyBB as competitive any more if a "future release" doesn't have it.
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Well, a feature should be added because 'it's good' and not because other BB systems have it. So 'competitive' is rather out of place here, if you ask me.

But this feature is good! Sometimes I need to send the same PM to many staff/members.
It, along with CC and BCC support is already in our development copy of 1.4.

Justin wasn't sure if he should be mentioning it or not and just made a vague post.
I'm curious to see how it works. Currently, spaces are allowed in Usernames, so another mechanism will have to be used.

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