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(2013-01-06, 02:41 AM)Kylin Wrote: Love this plugin, but it apparently doesn't seem to work in private message replies/quotes. Is there a fix for this by chance?

The current implementation solely relies on post ids, to determine the user and their avatar. As that's the most reliable thing to go on. While it's possible to change user names, or even merge users, the post owner's avatar is usually the one you want to display.

PMs unfortunately don't share that concept (there could be a link back to the PM you sent but there isn't).

So basically you're asking for a new feature, it should display avatars too even if there is no id but only a name to go on; even if that means sometimes it would display no avatar, or another user's avatar. It could be done - not sure when/if I'll get around to it though.
I love the styling, I really do. Looks beautiful.
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(2012-12-21, 04:27 PM)pavemen Wrote: couldnt you set placeholders in the template and "cache" the quoted pids during build_postbit and at the end query the avatars and loop through them replacing each avatar?

in postbit use {$quovatar} and for each postbit, replace that with <quovatar_PID> (like navigation, but change PID with the actual PID.

the during pre_output_page, string replace all the <quovatar_X> with the avatar image code you queried all together. for those without avatars, you replace with empty string or a default avatar.

one query at the end and a decent loop is better than a bunch of queries.

Looks awesome
Does this work on 1.8, anyone know?
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There is a line which needs updating:
'search' => 'return "<blockquote><cite>',

'search' => '$replace = "<blockquote class',

For everything else it should work.

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