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Not Solved After merge links are messed up
Not Solved
I just installed myBB 1.69 and merged from the latest phpbb version.

When I look at the merged data, the previous links are messed up, and see this where vaild, clickable links were prior:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... isions.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Anyway of fixing this?
Not Solved
That link should still be clickable on your forum - all that's happened is MyBB has shortened the displayed URL which it is designed to do.
Not Solved
The URL isn't clickable however.
Not Solved
Apologies, it looks like this is a MyBB merge system bug:

I'm sure there would be a way of running a command in phpMyAdmin in order to convert them but I wouldn't know what it would be.
Not Solved
See this thread:
-Paul H.

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