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Not Solved [General] Is it bad if I Change User UID?
Not Solved
I'm wondering if it's bad if I change the UID of a user through the DB. I have UID 2 and 3 open and want to change for ex a UID 7 to UID 2, etc. Wondering if it'd "break" the forum or if what it "breaks" is fixable easily.

Not Solved
Consider all the posts etc, they all have their original UID's with them. Meaning if you change the user's ID then all the posts by them would break. (IIRC, I think I tried this once.)
Not Solved
Yes, it would break a lot. You'd need to change every column in the database which contains the uid.
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Not Solved
So it's possible but would require lots of work, more than just changing one value. Would it be possible to create a script/plugin or have a user created/registered onto a UID 2?
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You could do it with SQL queries, but I'd honestly just leave it alone.

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