Email templates
This plugin would add templates that allow to arrange and style emails, instead just having plain ugly text.

In my opinion this should be in the core but a plugin that adds it works as well.

* maniacmusic hopes someone picks this up. Smile
Can't believe there is no interest in this.
Everyone should be interested in decent looking email notifications....
The core email notifications suck content wise anyway though. If you were to make a plugin (anybody), you'd want to improve the core emails while you were at it IMO.
The idea of this is that the templates allow to style and change the content to your wishes, so yeah.

A newsletter template would nice as well. Smile
Please someone pick this up.....
Emails suck so bad in MyBB.
Please, I almost got it all figured out (everything I wish for) it's just this email thing left and it seriously bothers me.
How can the rest of you be cool with plain text mails in year 2013?
It's hard for me to imagine, so please back this request up if you are interested in styling your emails.


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