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I am Vazity, I have been using MyBB for a very long time, and also coding websites for 5 years other than using MyBB.

I am looking for a partner who is very good at advertising and SEOing a website, so we could get good traffic.

I have a big dedicated server available and around $50 additional in start up bonus, to start up the forum. If you're serious about it, and would like to start a forum together, please reply or send me a private message.

What kind of partner I am looking for:
- Good with SEO
- Good at coming with unique ideas
- Good at getting traffic and advertising of the website.

Quite curious on what "Good with SEO" means to you, it seems to be the most requested skill people look for in partners, but fail to realise that it's a pointless request. Also, does it not sort of tie in with the third request? Lastly, what can you offer someone with a "unique idea" that justifies you being a partner, other than a server and a small investment? I presume you are going to be receiving 50% of the financial gain, so that's why I asked that question.
Thanks for your questions.

Well I don't really care about the financial gain, as I will be spending all the money gained through the forum, doing it better (ads and such).

Well, the SEO part. It's hard to become very good at selecting the correct keywords and making them rank well, atleast I am not very good at that.

Well it would be awesome if me and a partner could either find a unique idea eachother or ourself, eventually I could use my coding skills, to make custom plug-ins, that would make the more even more unique.

Well what I can offer other than a server and a small investment - I can offer myself as someone being online a lot, spending lots of time on a project like this, I can offer my coding skills to make the forum unique, I can offer my MyBB expertise as I have been working for MyBB for so long.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
So you don't have an idea for a website yet? You want to start something up, and you want to do it with a partner, but don't know what you're going to be doing yet?
I have some ideas but I am looking to make it very unique-contented, so it differs from all other forums.

And overall I am a person that works better in group, cause you can discuss and motivate eachother.
My brother is a SEO and Online Marketing Consultant here in the Philippines. Pmed me with your email so I tell him to contact you asap. He is also a forum owner.
What have you done with MyBB before? Do you have any examples of your work?
harlenjoy I sent you a private message.

brad-t, yes I can show you some examples of my work I will PM you with them if you want.
(2012-12-28, 09:07 AM)Vazity Wrote: harlenjoy I sent you a private message.

brad-t, yes I can show you some examples of my work I will PM you with them if you want.

Why not post them here in case other people interested? Perhaps it'd get more attention to your thread.
I will post them later or tomorrow, currently busy.

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