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I am using Moderlo theme and I was wondering how do I change the WWW, Add Rep, PM, etc. Icons?
Not Solved
You need to upload new images to the theme's image directory with the same name.
Not Solved
I know that but, I cant find the original picture. So I cant rename it.
Not Solved
If you get the url of the broken image you will be able to know the name of it. In Chrome you can right click an element and hit inspect element to get a bunch of information about it. It also shows you the HTML markup of the surrounding area.
Not Solved
Nevermind I got it thanks.
Not Solved
The image should be there. Use a FTP program like Filezilla or if your host has installed cPanel, use File Manager to find the image. Upload a new image to replace that file. If it prompts asking if you want to overwrite the file select yes.
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