Script Encoding
Posting in this thread is worse than talking to a brick wall.
Why am I bothering?
Staff of an open source forum not seeming to show signs of support for it. And worse, they assert flawed reasoning, add fallacies and in general disregard any form of correction to their incorrect assessment.
Well, then again, I shouldn't have expected anything above ridiculousness I suppose...

(2013-01-11, 10:15 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: McDonalds is offering McMenus for free today. Burguer King is not. Where do you have lunch if you have to pick one? I am assuming of course that the recipes are exactly the same, it is just the name that changes. I believe the answer is rather obvious. Evidence is not needed, it is common sense.
Obviously Burger King because I probably won't be waiting for hours in queue to get my lunch, only to find that McDonalds are out of stock. Or maybe so I don't have to travel an extra 30 minutes to get there.
Or perhaps if I could "pirate" either meal, the choice wouldn't matter?
Common sense no?

Let's stop with the ridiculous metaphors and reasoning?
Can anyone here actually present some valid argumentative points here?
To be honest I'm not sure why you guys are arguing at all. It's going far beyond even helping the OP. The OP wanted an answer and he got it. Turning every thread on this forum in to an argument about who's right and who's wrong isn't going anywhere as everyone will have some sort of argument for and against and everything in-between.

Time to move on. If you really want to argue about this, take it to PM. This is a support forum, let's treat it as such.
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