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Looking for Ads and a Plugin Coder
I am looking for someone who can advertise both of my sites.

I am also looking for someone who can do some coding (php) possibly a plugin? For another site I am creating.

Please PM me if you can do this and we can discuss prices.

Thanks Mybb!
Ad spots available at
Sounds like a good deal Yaldaram. I however don't have any banners in that dimension. Any chance you could edit my current banners to fit that? I have poor photoshop skills.

I have banners in following dimensions:

If you can edit one of these to fit then we can make a deal.
PM me the banner images. Or if you wish you may post them in my Private forum so we negotiate on this further:
Sent you a PM. Hope to work something out.

Plugin is created. Still looking for ads though.

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