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Not Solved PhpBB Theme
Not Solved
If I convert from Phpbb to Mybb?
Will the phpBB theme also get converted to mybb?
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
t's simple, upload the merge folder to your root of your forum and then go to

Enter the DB name, DB username and password of the site you want to merge along with what kind MySQL you use such as MySQL, MySQL Improved etc. You can find out what you use by logging into your ACP, the box where it shows your active members, current version, site load etc it should show what you are using.

After that it will ask what you want to merge. Options include posts, polls, threads etc. I would merge everything except settings.

For host, it's most likely localhost.

When it comes to the theme, no the theme will not be merged.

Download the merge system from here

- Taken from my previous post on
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That's not what he asked.

The answer to your question is no, it will not convert when merging. However with permission from the author, you can port it over to Mybb.
Not Solved
How can I port it to MyBB
Not Solved
You would need to re-code it using the default mybb theme as a template.
Not Solved
Post in the request forum and someone might port it for you. But depending on the license of the theme, you may need the authors permission to port it first.

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