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290 Forum Icons 48*48 In Size And All Are Premium
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
To Decorate your forum you'll need custom icons for each forum Smile

This is my collection i collected it from various forums so yeah you can say i leeched them :p feel free to do whatever you want i am also including screens of those icons

If you need to know the tutorial for changing Custom Forum Icons ~ A Unique icon for Each Forum

To Download The Resource Check the attachment

[Image: 1gYf8.jpg]
[Image: cFDyA.jpg]
[Image: Xc2z8.jpg]
[Image: jvL8Z.jpg]
[Image: juyXv.jpg]
[Image: s0oJs.jpg]
You can't just go around taking images from forums and redistributing them without the author's permission. We don't condone or support warez.
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plz link
All of them are from a few hacking forums, not hard to find, but you also shouldn't be using such things.

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