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[For 1.6] Contest: Contest hide images in posts.
Plugin Name: Contest
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English
Plugin Description: Contest hide images in posts.

This plugin is to create a contest to hide images in posts to win a new user group or external things to give hosting, domain, etc..

When creating a contest you can enter your:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Number of images to hide
  • Post that requires the user to participate
  • Reputation that requires the user to participate
  • Time Online that requires the user to participate
  • Recording time that requires the user to participate
  • Participating user groups
  • Move Around: Time to change places randomly hidden images in posts
  • Reappear: To know whether to find an image that recurs in another post or longer appears
  • Back to Win: If I win once again a user can win or not
  • End of contest: Time duration of the contest
  • Change group as a reward: If you want to find an image change user group as a prize autonaticamente
  • New User Group: User group to which change only if the last option is active
  • Message: message displayed to find a picture
  • Forums where you see: Forums which will hide the images in posts

competition can not be two simultaneously active and can finalize cocurso or delete it anytime from the admin panel.
When a timeout occurs where image is hidden automatically change occurs when a user with permissions to enter the contest opens a post the picture changes to a new place or from the administration panel in the history can then updated pictures!

In the background in the administration panel tells you that the images have been post and the current position of each on the winners tab tells you which users have found that post pictures and found pictures!

Also, users can view the contest and the winners list and can watch the contest with your settings to participate in!

[Image: 25549-1357667375-1.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667419-2.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667461-3.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667496-4.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667551-5.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667595-6.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667633-7.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667666-8.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357667740-9.thumb.jpg] [Image: 25549-1357668129-10.thumb.jpg]

Nice, sounds like an easter egg hunt kind of deal. With some creativity, you could make some fun contests with this.
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Of course that's the intention Big Grin
I tried installing this plugin. But every time I install it my admin CP shows a blank page with nothing in it. Please Help.

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