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Not Solved I'm receiving spam
Not Solved
I dont want to sound like a noob (well, I am one) but I also had a lot spam reg's the last weeks,

I have captcha on BUT I do have inmediate activation (because my forum seems to be b0rked and doesnt send a confirmation email) so it was a bit of a pickle.
I also have a question enabled they have to answer but I doubt this is very spamproof.

However.. I took a look at the spam ID's and noticed they all use a simular email service to sign up.

So my simple solution was to go to Users and groups - Banning and then the disallowed email - tab, I added the used email services with an * (in my case * and * and voila, havent had a single spam ID in over 10 days now. This is obviously only a good solution for email services that arent commonly used by normal people.
You can monitor when someone tries to use the banned email services and its everyday a few times.
Do note I have a openly viewed forum wich is high in the google list so I get a lot of 'spam traffic' so for some reason these settings work miracles for me.
Not Solved

Vernier made this plugin which should be the last anti-spam plugin you will need. It is fantastic.

Remember to set it up in for registration to.

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