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Not Solved Allow user to add avatar on registration
Not Solved
How do I allow (must require) user to add avatar at the time of registration, i.e. user must have to select an avatar on signup. ( A new way of Mybb)
Not Solved
I think you will need some big edits for that, but it's not so necessary. You can simply use this plugin:

Quote:default avatar, signature, and profile options that you set in the Admin CP will be given to each user who registers on your forum.
And everyone who register they will have default avatar which you set.
Jovan J.
Not Solved
I am already using a plugin to set default avatar, what I want is ask user to add avatar by himself ( A new way of Mybb)
Not Solved
I believe it is hard to add this to the register.
If there is a answer i will try too.

Too bad not mod for this...
Not Solved
Exactly! ( A new way of Mybb)
Not Solved
It doesn't work with myBB 1.8
Not Solved
(2015-07-18, 07:53 PM)Zlatan Wrote: It doesn't work with myBB 1.8

You must open the .inc file and modify 16* to 18*.

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