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Not Solved .htaccess wordpress and .htaccess mybb problem
Not Solved
Hi everyone,

I wan to ask how to combine .htaccess wordpress will be funtionly into mybb forum also.

My /public_html/.htaccess got 1 secure htaccess for my blog
and i must disable this .htaccess if not my sub forum link mybb not work like this

So now how to edit .htaccess for blog into .htaccess for mybb..

I give a sample i use .htaccess for my blog >>

And this mybb htaccess

Hope anyone help me tq

** Sry my bad english Wink
Not Solved
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
something along the lines of
RewriteRule ^forum(/|$) - [L]
in the WordPress .htaccess before everything else

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