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From punbb to mybb - soccer forum
I am glad to tell you I did it and converted my forum from punbb to mybb Big Grin
Go check it out at .... browse the forum a little and take a good look at the header logo Wink ... can you see what is going on Big Grin

Anyway ... comments appreciated Smile
Well done sir. It's looking fairly well.
Well it is nothing compared to your forums but I am getting there.

Labrocca I always liked your democracy forums design ... colors are just phenomenal and it is simple and effective ! To tell you the truth I made your skin couple of times on my localhost Big Grin
I must say, I've never seen anyone pull off green on white that well.

I still hope you do more to it then the default look, but very nice color scheme.
Do NOT PM me for Support!
Thanks Ryan. Huh I know I should take it a little further but at the moment without ideas. I am glad I could transfer from punbb to mybb hehe Wink
nice logo, and the green looks good mate Smile
Love the logo, great job! Smile
looks great. nice and simple.

i was considering using punbb for my forum before i decided upon mybb. how come you converted?

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