Multiple "pins/post-it/sticks"

I need your help Smile I am looking for a plugin or a code in order to have different "sticks". I'm sorry, I don't know the name in english...

Example :


Is it possible to have multiples post-it like this ?
I would like to organize my topics in function of their evolution.

For example : "To examinate", "To take", "Supported" ...

Thank you very much in advance !



Version : Mybb 1.6.9
You could try looking at thread prefixes. Admin CP -> Configuration -> Thread Prefixes
Then go to the forum make a thread with one of those prefixes and then make it a sticky.
Hey !

Thanks for your answer Smile

I already have done this, for example :

But I thought that the "classes of threads" could have be a good solution to make order in my threads.
And it is also because I want to put more informations, in addition of prefixes.
There are two types of threads (not including closed and unapproved). They are sticky and normal. I'm not sure how you will do what you have requested in your first post.
As for your second post. (Leefish will love me for this). You could use XThreads to modify the templates to show a description of the thread that the thread maker will fill in. Then you can have that description displayed below.

Google Translate Wrote:Il existe deux types de fils (non compris fermée et non approuvés). Ils sont collants et normale. Je ne suis pas sûr de savoir comment vous allez faire ce que vous avez demandé dans votre premier message.
Quant à votre deuxième poteau. (Leefish m'aimera pour cela). Vous pouvez utiliser XThreads de modifier les modèles de montrer une description du fil que le fabricant de fil remplira po Ensuite, vous pouvez avoir cette description affichée ci-dessous.
I am just looking for a plugin or a code which allows me to create more than two classes of threads : currently we have Sticky/normal and I am looking for having Sticky 1 / Sticky 2 / Sticky 3 / Normal for example.

If you have an idea to do it easily, tell me, but the plugin XThreads that you've been told me seems to be a very very very powerful awesome plugin Big Grin

So thank you so much !

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