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SEO Experts must enter here
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Finding some good moderators for forum
I have entertainment forum
Moderators will be (sub moderator,moderator,super moderator,the supreme moderator)
If anyone interested pls PM me.
And if anyone need any help freely pm me
(2013-01-22, 10:24 AM)Rockstar4m Wrote: (sub moderator,moderator,super moderator,the supreme moderator)

You want me to give you some advice? Don't do this to your staff. Sectional Mods, and Global Mods only. Otherwise, you'll fail. I can cite 6 threads from one user with a number of forums he did this on... they all failed.

And, by the way, it's not a moderators job to do SEO crap. It's yours. Moderators keep the community clean, hence the name "Moderator"
"SEO Experts", I'm sorry but this does look like a desperate attempt at finding someone who can magically get you traffic. It doesn't work that way unfortunately and recruiting moderators who you don't know makes little sense to me.

You need to concentrate on the SEO part yourself, make sure you have lots of new unique content daily on the forum and Google will do the rest (there are lots of other factors, but you get the point).
Sub Mod, Mod, Super Mod, Supreme Mod - these are just common mistakes newbie Admins make in attempting to branch multiple teams of staff.

Don't create your forum in comparison to big successful boards. Create & set up yours to your own need. A starting out message board only requires one or two Super Mods aka Global Mods. These are Mods that can mod any forum.

What's the point of let's say 20+ sections, and dividing up what your Mods can do when there's little to no activity? Let the one or two Mods you have do everything. That's how it should be, until such time that your forum grows to a point that specific sections require a lot more attention than others that they require dedicated Mods.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Thanks for suggestion friends
I will do myself

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