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Option of setting minimal post count for certain subforums
It would be nice to have
1. this feature where we can set minimal post count as a requirement in order to make posts in certain subforums. For example, you don't want some people who signed up just to use the everyone has to make 50 posts before be able to use those subforums.

2. While we are at it, might be good to also have the feature that we can set minimal post count before new signups can use Private Message. That can also cut down the spam, in case some spammers' goal is to spam members' PMs.

3. It will also be good to be able to set minimal post count required in order to have a signature, Avatar, or signature link.

For all of the above, there should be an automatic message to tell the people the minimal requirements is not met in case they have attempted to use any of the above without qualifying for it.

You can achieve this by using group promotions:

Plugins like this are available as well:
I would like to see this integrated into the system. I know this can be done with similar named groups but I want the error message that says "you need x more posts to post here".

Seems like it should be built in.
1. Those are good ideas
2. How the **** does this thread have 3,400,000 Views?
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